Jabba the Hutt vs. Vito Corleone vs. Tony Montana

Jabba The Hutt

I still think that Don Vito Corleone ranks as the best film Godfather, but Jabba the Hutt ranks a very close 2nd. That’s right, Jabba the Hutt, notorious space gangster. Here is why you could make a great case for Jabba as the ultimate mafia Don.

Feeds his own minions to monsters

Has his own tonight show style band

Hangs frozen Han Solo on a wall as a work of art

Not susceptible to Jedi mind tricks

Has a cool palace

Has a really cool desert ship

Sponsors POD races (Star Wars version of NASCAR)

Has really cool Bounty Hunters / Hit Men in his employ

A very successful businessman

And best of all, makes Princess Leia dress up in a hot bikini slave outfit.


2 Responses to “Jabba the Hutt vs. Vito Corleone vs. Tony Montana”

  1. awesome! not many people would think of Jabba the Hut as a GodFather but when you think about it he is! Nice site and good info!

  2. Wouldn’t Emperor Palpatine be the Godfather of Godfathers?

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