Do You Network Like A Don?

I’ve been thinking lately about how Don Vito came to be so successful (beyond the violence of course). As noted in the first scene of the Godfather, Don Vito was insulted when the Undertaker asked Don Vito to kill the thugs who raped and beat the Undertaker’s daughter. Although you cannot hear what the Undertaker asks, you know by Don Vito’s reaction that is what was requested.

The first scene is the ultimate lesson in networking. It is all about favors. I do a favor for you, and you do one for me. Don Vito tells the Undertaker he will handle the request in his own way for the Undertaker and one day, although that day may never come, Don Vito may ask the Undertaker to perform a service for him.

Of course later in the movie, Don Vito asks the Undertaker if he is ready to perform this service. Then you see the Baker ask Don Vito if he can pull some strings so that his assistant can stay in the US and marry his daughter. Who can refuse on your daughter’s wedding day.

In Godfather Pt. II, you see a young Don Vito develop his networking skills when he negotiates with the slum lord to let the lady friend of Mrs. Corleone keep her dog. Of course it doesn’t hurt Don Vito’s stature to eliminate the reigning mobster ruling the area.

The Johnny Fontaine incident is also an example of networking. It is a prime example of what happens when you don’t network with a Don. You find your stud horse’s head in your bed.

So the question is: Do you network like Don Corleone? In my personal and business dealings, I try as hard as I can to network like Don Corleone (without the violent part of course). The deeper and broader your network is, the richer your life will be. I try to help people out and provide favors as much as possible knowing it will return to me in multiples. It is not just who you know, but how well you know them.

Now go out there and network like a Don!!!!


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