Movie of the Week – Cocaine Cowboys

Movie of the week – Cocaine Cowboys (Mobflix rating: 3 out of 4)

Did you ever wonder what Miami was really like in the 1980’s? Cocaine Cowboys is the true story of those times with interviews from the key players who participated in the cocaine trafficking trade back then. From the pilots who flew the Kilos between South America and Florida to wholesale drug dealers and even a hitman.

This documentary even goes into detail who local law enforcement profited from the trade as well as using news footage and eyewitness accounts of the various massacres during that time.

The intoxicating power of easy money back then was so overwhelming, ordinary, law abiding citizens got caught up in it. Drug dealers were buying new cars every month. As depicted in the movies Scarface and Blow, banks were flooded with money, and Panamanian banks became the financial institution of choice. These banks were run by Manual Noriega, the dictator of Panama at the time.

In those days, when a hit was made, they didn’t care about innocent civilians getting in the way. The target would be gunned down in broad daylight and if innocent people were killed as well, so be it. Uzi’s were the weapon of choice and the target and anyone else near him were sprayed with bullets. The nightclub scene in Scarface is a depiction of the countless shootouts causing a siege mentality in Miami and other parts of Florida.

This compelling documentary also identifies who was really behind he cocaine trade in Miami.

I give Cocaine Cowboys 3 stars out of 4.


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