Movie of the Week – Bugsy Malone

Movie of the week – Bugsy Malone (Mobflix rating 4 stars out of 4)

Imagine a musical about the mob in the 1930’s during prohibition. Now imagine it has an all kid cast. In addition the kids shoot cream pie machine guns and drive pedal cars. Now add the hottest child stars of the time.

Now you have Bugsy Malone. Starring Scott Baio as the lead character and Jodie Foster as Tallulah as flapper showgirl in a speakeasy. Scott Baio is Bugsy Malone, you basic mob freelancer. Bugsy helps on of the local gangsters run illegal root beer and obtain the latest in child-mob weapon technology, the splurge gun. Before the splurge gun, whackings were done by a simple pie in the face. If you got hit with a pie, that was a sign you were whacked.

Along comes the splurge gun. This weapon is a Tommy Gun that shoot cream. Mobster gangs with these weapons roam the streets and conduct drive by hits, spraying their target with whip cream.

The cars are antique cars from the 1930’s, but they are miniaturized for kids and powered by pedaling.

The musical score composed by Paul Williams is fantastic as well. The kids singing is over-dubbed by adult singers. Remember the animated Coke commercial that looks like Grand Theft Auto? The sing a song called “Give a Little Love.” That song is from Bugsy Malone.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. Seeing Jodie Foster as a flapper girl knowing how great her career will become is really something to see.

The finale musical number is one of my all time favorites. There is a massive shoot out / pie fight in the Speak Easy that ends in the finale musical number with everyone covered in cream pies singing their hearts out.

When I am asked to recommend a movie that no one has seen before, this is the first one I tell them.

I give Bugsy Malone 4 stars out of 4


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