Ever seen the Godfather on a football field before?

This week’s blog is about execution – literally and figuratively. This weekend is the Drum & Bugle Corps International (DCI) Championships in Bloomington Indiana. As an homage to these hard working individuals, we are proud to show you the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps, from Concord, CA, and their interpretation of the Godfather from 2006.

Watch how well they execute their performance. While watching this feature, not only are you hearing the musical score from the film, but pay attention to the following visual cues:

  • Marionette strings
  • Cross that turns into a dagger in a heart
  • Horse head flags
  • Empty chair with hat and roses



One Response to “Ever seen the Godfather on a football field before?”

  1. Watching this takes me back to high school, where marching band was a Big Deal and we all wished we were corps. We were soooo excited when we got new uniforms and they looked like the Blue Devils uniforms!

    I just looked at my old band’s website (http://ehs.enterpriseschools.net/School%20Web%20Pages/Enterprise%20High%20School%20Band.htm) and the band director is the guy I swapped solos with when I was there. We had a solo in every show, and it was usually me or Charlie. Now I’m going to have to go watch band camp before it ends.

    I get a very specific, very physical thrill when I hear a good marching band. It’s like being 16 again, only without the pimples (well, mostly).

    Thanks for taking me back!

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