Movie of the Week – The Shipment

Movie of the week – The Shipment (Mobflix rating 2.5 stars out of 5)

Paul Rodriguez, Robert Loggia, Matthew Modine and Elizabeth Berkeley star in The Shipment. This is comedy about a hijacked shipment of drugs…. (actually Viagra). That’s right, Viagra.

In this film a shipment of Viagra gets hijacked and the Mob as well as the local sheriff(Matthew Modine) are on the trail. In addition, Matthew Modine helps a damsel in distress, Elisabeth Berkeley. This movie is pretty funny, and I kept expecting Elisabeth Berkeley to take off her clothes, but that is not to be.

The Mobsters are a bunch of bumbling idiots. Nicholas Turturro, plays a mob boss with anger management issues. His fits of anger are over the top and pretty funny.


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