A Casino Story = Casino + A Christmas Story

This is the movie I’ve been waiting for

Ralphie runs a local mob crew in Hillman Indiana.  Together with his brother Randy, and friends Flick and Schwartz, they run loansharking,  bookmaking, prostitution, and other rackets under the cover of leg lamp and Ovaltine distribution businesses.

Ralphie wants a silencer for Christmas and everyone keeps telling him he’ll shoot his eye out without hearing it.

The rival crew in Hillman is run by Scott Farkus and his little toadie Grover.  Ralphie and his crew extract information and make deadbeats pay by clothing them in so much winter clothes that they can’t put their arms down.  For serious deadbeats, they have their tongues stuck to frozen flagpoles.

In the end the bosses had enough of Ralphie and made and example of Ralphie and Randy.  Scott Farkus and Grover beat the two brothers with snow shovels and bury them alive in the frozen snow to be discovered by a Christmas tree farmer.


2 Responses to “A Casino Story = Casino + A Christmas Story”

  1. All I gotta say to you wanna be gonna be cocksuckin pussy eatin pranksters…

    Nice. Glad you found something to do with this masterpiece. Sweet!

  2. And the dog runs away with the christmas drugs

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