The Coppola Restoration DVD Collection Released

The Coppola Restoration DVD has been is released.  In honor of this occasion, below are a dozen haiku’s dedicated to the greatest movie ever made:

– Horse head in his bed / Johnny Fontane gets movie / Director relents

– Luca Brasi sleeps / An offer he can’t refuse / It was Barzini

– The hit on Paulie / Leave gun, take cannoli / Loyal Clemenza

– Daughter’s wedding day / No request can be refused / Will you be my friend?

– Michael thwarts whacking / No one at the hospital / Roughed up war hero

– Michael’s broken jaw / Cop and Turk whacked at dinner / Michael on the lam

– Debts settled today / Tessio betrays Michael / It was Barzini

– All debts are settled / Day of nephew’s baptism / Enemies silenced

– Michael’s heart turns cold / A ruthless Don he becomes / The new Godfather

– Michael finds true love / A marriage in Italy / Widower Michael

– Cleans out the bad blood / We go to the mattresses / Clemenza cooks sauce

– Whacked in a parked car / Carlo must pay for Sonny / Connie is widowed


One Response to “The Coppola Restoration DVD Collection Released”

  1. Good haikus. But appears that someone is slightly bored LOL.

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