Yakuza Month – Movie Review: Black Rain

Mobflix rating 4 out of 5 stars

Our first movie for Yakuza month is Black Rain starring Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia and Kate Capshaw.  Douglas and Garcia are New York detectives who find themselves in the midst of a Yakuza war that makes its way to New York City.  The detectives capture the young leader of a rogue Yakuza motorcycle gang and escort him back to Japan.

While in Japan, the rogue Yakuza leader named Sato (played by Yusako Matsuda) escapes and takes out his own revenge against the detectives and Yakuza rivals.  There is a fantastic chase scene where Sato performs modern day jousting with a samurai sword while on a motorcycle.

The Japanese dectective (played by Ken Takakura) assigned to capture Sato, butts heads with Douglas and Garcia and limits their powers while they are in his host country.

We give Black Rain 4 out of 5 stars


One Response to “Yakuza Month – Movie Review: Black Rain”

  1. Something I’d love to see: a post from you at the beginning of a theme month talking about what is awesome (or not) about the theme. For instance, what makes the Yakuza compelling in movies? What are some of the great Yakuza films in your opinion? What is interesting about the Yakuza in real life that shows up (or doesn’t show up) in movies? Get us excited about your theme!

    Oh – and my vote for best use of Yakuza? They make a small but chilling appearance in the miniseries Wild Palms.

    Yay, Yakuza!

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