Movie Review – Yojimbo

This week, we conclude Yakuzafest with Yojimbo.  Yojimbo was written and directed by Akira Kurosawa.  This 1961 film is about a samurai in the late 1800’s without a master (A Ronin) who comes to a town dominated by two Gangsters (Yakuza).  One Yakuza runs the silk business, while the other runs the Sake business.  These rival Yakuza are constantly battling each other for control of the town.

The samurai offers his body guard services to both Gangsters and sells his loyalty to the highest bidder.  After several double-crosses one of the Gangster’s sons seeks revenge on the samurai and a classic showdown is in the works with a pistol in addition to sword play.

Last Man Standing starring Bruce Willis is the American remake of this film.  But why watch a remake when you’ve got the original.

From the master himself, this black and white film from Kurosawa exceeds expectations.

We give Yojimbo 5 stars out of 5 stars


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