Street Gang-Hip/Hop Month Continues with Colors

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Directed by Dennis Hopper and starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall in Colors.  A movie about South Central LA and the wars between the Crips & The Bloods.  Duvall plays a seasoned LA Cop on the beat in the toughest part of town.  Sean Penn plays the eager rookie who is Duvall’s new partner.

Penn’s character aims to clean up the town all by himself, with or without Duvall’s help.

There is tension throughout this film.  There is tension between Duvall and Penn’s characters, straining their partnership.  Of course you always have the tension between the Crips & The Bloods as an undercurrent throughout the film.  Their is also tension between Penn and his new love interest Maria Conchita Alonso.  Not only racial tension, but cultural tension in that her brother is in a gang.

There are plenty of drive by’s in this film and you get an inside look at several members of each side of the ongoing gang wars.

We give Colors 5 Stars out of 5


3 Responses to “Street Gang-Hip/Hop Month Continues with Colors”

  1. Dennis Hopper does amazing directing this film. This was one of the best things I have seen him do. That and the fact I have him on my GPS as a voice I got from It’s great, turn by turn with Dennis Hopper!

  2. Keep on doin your thang homeboy!
    The video is taken from my YouTube channel, with premission.
    Visit my YouTube channel:

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