Car Chase Month – The French Connection

Nothing gets the adrenaline going like a good car chase scene.  This month we bring you the best car chases starting with one of the best ever filmed, The French Connection.  This movie set the bar for all car chase scenes to follow.  This movie shows you how car chases were done old school style.

Based on a true story, Gene Hackman plays Popeye Doyle, a New York detective in the early 1970’s on the trail of a heroin kingpin from France.

At this point in time, known as one of the best chase scenes ever filmed, Doyle chases his suspect through the streets of New York. Doyle is driving a car in pursuit of his suspect riding in a runaway New York subway / elevated train.

Some incredible harrowing scenes are shot while Doyle is driving underneath the elevated train. Including a scene where an innocent bystander got in the way of filming and was almost hit. They left it in the movie.

Among one of the best organized crime films of it’s generation, we love The French Connection not only for it’s phenomenal chase scene, but for the movie as a whole.


One Response to “Car Chase Month – The French Connection”

  1. Great article! I LOVE “The French Connection!”

    Chas Andrews’ Movie Blog

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