Car Chase Month – To Live and Die in LA

One of our all time favorite films at Mobflix. To Live and Die in LA stars William Petersen (CSI Las Vegas) as a Secret Service Agent after a counterfeiter who killed his partner the day before he was to retire. Willem Dafoe plays the street smart counterfeiter who is also a talented and tormented artist.

In pursuit of a sizable sum of money to be used to make a deal, Petersen and his new partner find out from Petersen’s informant of a courier who is carrying a huge sum of cash. Petersen and his partner go rogue and kidnap the courier to get the cash. Things don’t always go as planned as Petersen is chased throughout LA with men with automatic weapons who seem to come from nowhere.

After some incredible driving that involves going down the highway head-on against on-coming traffic, Petersen and his partner find out that they actually robbed an undercover FBI Agent.

Some critics claim that the car chase scene in this movie is better than the French Connection, in our view, it is very close to one of the best.

In addition to a great car chase, To Live and Die in LA has a great plot and a fantastic soundtrack by Wang Chung. Filmed in the mid 1980’s, it has that 80’s feel to it.


2 Responses to “Car Chase Month – To Live and Die in LA”

  1. Great movie, would guess it was the film that really put Willem Dafoe on the map as a great actor !

    The Soundtrack for this is also very awesome… the 80s new wave band WANG CHUNG provide the title track and a few other instrumental tracks that helped make this movie exciting ! !

    Nice Review !

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