I’m on a Quest to Sundance


To all you fans of Mobflix.  This website is based on a passion of mine.  Actually a passion of my Brother.  I initially bought this domain name as an homage to my brother in 2002 when I worked for a domain hosting company and bought the name at cost.

My brother loves organized crime movies and constantly quotes Goodfellas, Casino, and The Godfather.  So I bought the name as almost a joke for him.  Soon after I bought the name, I started getting proposals to sell the name.  The first proposal was for $250.  The second proposal was $500.  The third proposal was $5,000.  Upon that third offer, I decided to sell the name.  Negotiations broke down, and I decided to develop the site myself.

I contracted a web developer to develop the site for me, but I was not happy with how it turned out.  I then discovered blogging templates and WordPress and decided to do it myself through WordPress.

In my day job, I am a technical writer and have worked many contract IT jobs.  My most recent contract was supposed to go until Mid-April 2009, but ended abruptly.

Given the economy, and now that I have more time on my hands, I have decided to try to earn some income from my passion.  I signed up for Google AdSense and will be installing it.  In addition, I am going to place Mobflix logo’d items on cafe press.  I already have an Amazon affiliate account, but the site is not yet profitable.

I made the decision yesterday that I am now on a quest to go to Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from Jan 15- Jan 25.  As I am not making an income, I am looking for ways for the trip to pay for itself.

There are several ways I can do this:

Sponsorship – Given how inexpensive gas is, I plan on driving to Sundance.  With a Sponsorship, the Sponsor would get their logo emblazoned on my SUV as well as a logo’d link to their website from Moblflix.com and sponsored updates from me.  I would be looking for 3-4 Sponsors starting at $500 each.  This would pay for me to get into events and room & board.  I would probably just break even.

I’m looking for alcohol and tobacco companies as well as maybe a couple local movie theaters.  This would give my sponsors exposure out there when I drive my SUV around.  They would get a lot of notice.

Employment – Sundance is actually hiring people to work the event.  I would go to Sundance and work the event from behind the scenes, whether it is shoveling snow, or helping with Inventory Control.  Then in my off hours, I would blog from behind the scenes and the people and interviews I can get while I’m out there.  Hopefully I will be selected as a worker.

Let me know what you think about this approach?


3 Responses to “I’m on a Quest to Sundance”

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Personally I think your best shot is working at Sundance itself as a maintenance guy or something. Sponsorships are gonna be really tough to find, especially now with our Economy in shambles. As for the website, I’m glad to hear it’s growing and getting more popular. Hopefully, it’ll become a big website which you can build off of. Call it like “flix inc.” or something and blog about all sorts of movies. Good luck on getting to Sundance!

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