Car Chase Month – The Transporter

Car Chase Month on Mobflix continues with The Transporter. Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, an Ex-Special Forces Agent who makes a living transporting things (No Questions Asked).

Mr. Martin has rules though. Rule #1, never change the deal once it is made. He is very exacting in terms of the amount fuel he needs to complete a job. Any factor that changes that, disrupts his mission. In the first scene, shown above, the robber of a bank contracted with Martin for 3 men. They show up with 4. Nothing moves until this is rectified.

Once the robbers eject the 4th robber, Martin begins the getaway. This chase is fantastic. The stunt driving is spectacular. This movie hits you right between the eyes with the first scene.

Great driving through scenic Europe. This is why The Transporter is one of our Car Chase Movies of the month of December.


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