Natalie Portman as Matilda in The Professional

Femme Fatale Month continues with Natalie Portman as Matilda in The Professional.

Before she was Mrs. Darth Vader, Natalie Portman showed us her acting chops as Matilda.  A Tween girl whose family was killed by corrupt Federal Drug Agents led by Gary Oldman (Harry Potter’s Sirius Black).

Matilda seeks refuge in the apartment of a neighbor after seeing her dead family in her apartment after coming back from running an errand.  The Drug Agents were looking for drug money her Dad stashed in her apartment.  No one was spared in the massacre including her toddler brother.

Turns out, Matilda’s neighbor down the hall is Leon (Jean Reno),  A foreign professional hitman who is the best in his field.  He is swift, ruthless, silent, and almost invisible.  Leon, against his better instincts, takes Matilda under his wing, and teaches her the skill of a hitman in order for Matilda to take revenge for her family.

In the scene above, Leon teaches Matilda sniper basics.  Pay attention to what she says after she fires the blank shot with paint in it at a target jogging in Central Park.

This movie has an incredible shootout scene as well, but Natalie Portman’s performance as Matilda is why she is a Mobflix Femme Fatale.


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