Femme Fatale Month Continues – Annette Bening as Virginia Hill in Bugsy

Annette Bening plays Virgina Hill in Bugsy.  Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was responsible for building the Flamingo Hotel in the middle of the desert which led to the mecca that Las Vegas is today.  He was a visionary ahead of his time, even if he was a ruthless gangster.  Bugsy obtained financing to build the Flamingo Hotel from Organized Crime Investors led by Meyer Lansky.  When the cost overruns went into the millions and it was discovered Virginia Hill had $2 million in a Swiss Bank Account, it was decided that Bugsy needed to be removed.

Annette Bening does a phenomenal job as Virginia Hill, Bugsy’s Moll (Mob Girlfirend).  In the scene above, you can’t quite tell if she is stringing him along, and she never really answers him when confronted about the $2 million in the Swiss bank account.

Annette Bening as Virginia Hill is one of our Femme Fatales at mobflix.com.


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