Prison Month Continues with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

By popular demand, we present The Great Escape.  Although it stretches the Prison Genre by being a POW film.  It does have a fantastic international cast and one of the best chase scenes ever filmed.

The cast includes James Garner as The Scrounger, Donald Pleasence as The Forger, Charles Bronson as The Tunnel  King who happens to be claustrophobic, James Coburn as The Manufacturer, Richard Attenborough as Big X, and of course Steve McQueen as The Cooler King.

The prison was built by the Germans to house Allied POW’s who notorious for trying to escape.  After individual failures, the POW’s ban together to attempt a mass escape of 250 men.  Everybody pitches in and contributes according to their talents.

Below the is motorcycle chase scene after McQueen escapes.


One Response to “Prison Month Continues with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape”

  1. Just found this website..
    I grew up with gangsters, my dad was Ben Siegel’s parnter and best pal. My columns revolve around this theme.

    Liked your blogs!
    Luellen Smiley

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