Prison Month Continues with Sean Penn in Bad Boys

Bad Boys (1983) features Sean Penn as Mick O’Brien who gets busted for a robbery gone bad where the little brother of his rival is killed.  Esai Morales plays Paco Moreno, the leader of a rival gang who vows to take his revenge on Sean Penn’s character by raping Penn’s girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) for starters.

Penn gets sent to a juvenile detention center, and Morales gets caught aand sent to the same location.  Now that they are both in the same detention center, a showdown is in the works.

Clancy Brown plays Viking Lofgren. You’l recognize Clancy as the prison guard in Shawshank Redemption.  Bad Boys is the first prison movie for Clancy in a long prison / criminal movie career.  In the scene below, Eric Gurry plays Horowitz who takes his revenge of being picked on by Lofgren during lunch.

The climax of this movie is not to be missed when O’Brien and Moreno fight it out in the prison block.


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