Foreign Film Month Continues with Kung Fu Hustle

This film is about Canton China in the 1940’s where the Axe Gang rules the land except for Pig Sty Alley. Pig Sty Alley is a poor apartment complex, it is so poor that the gangsters simply ignore it.

This is until an aspiring gangster gets their attention and brings the wrath of the axe gang to the apartment complex. It just so happens that the landlords and residents of this complex have special Kung Fu powers and battle ensues for the control of the area.

This film is quite humorous, it is a tongue in check exaggerated portrayal of the best of Kung Fu in a respectful way.

The Landlady and her husband are hysterical. Never mess with a landlady in curlers in Canton China. She always has a cigarette in her mouth even when she is fighting.

Just about everybody in this movie has some kind of Kung Fu Special Powers. The leader of the Axe Gang has super frog jumping powers, while the harpist assassins use their special harps to unleash deadly attacks at the speed of sound.

I love this film because it is so much fun to watch. The action is incredible, it has great humor, and the English overdubbing give it just the right character expected in a film of this genre.


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