Clancy Brown Haikus

We’ll start off our celebration of Clancy Brown with Clancy Brown Haiku’s.

Clancy Brown Highlander Haiku :

Immortal Swordsman / Takes the head of his rival / Highlander badass

Clancy Brown Shawshank Redemption Haiku:

Prison Guard Captain / Arrested for Malfeasance / Cried like a baby

Clancy Brown Bad Boys Haiku:

Booby-Trapped Boom Box / Ain’t Prison Karma a Bitch? / Bad Boys with Sean Penn

Clancy Brown Cowboys vs. Aliens Haiku:

God fearing Preacher / Cowboys vs. Aliens / Plays a rare hero

Clancy Brown Haiku:

From Prison Inmate / And everything in between / To a Prison Guard







2 Responses to “Clancy Brown Haikus”

  1. Oh hi, Ku! Says:

    Very nicely done. Purple monkey dishwasher. I love your haikus.

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