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Irish Movie Month Continues with Turning Green (2005) Trailer

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Turning Green (2005) is a fantastic movie.   Set in the 1970’s, 16 year old James Powers and his younger brother come to Ireland to live with their Aunts after their American Mother dies.

While living in Ireland, James becomes and errand boy for the local Bookie / Mobster.  James takes a brief trip to London where he discovers the abundance of girlie mags.  It’s during this time James decides to become the purveyor of adult magazines to the irish Market where it is illegal.

Unbeknownst to his Bookie / Mobster patron, James makes a killing in Adult Magazine contraband.

This is a fantastic black comedy with some great scenes with his Aunts and the local Priest.

Colm Meaney stars as Tom who becomes Mentor to James

Timothy Hutton stars as Bill the Breaker, the muscle for the local Bookie / Mobster.

This is one of my favorites.








Irish Month Continues with In Bruges Haiku

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In Bruges Haiku:

Two Idol Hitmen / Mix with Tourists and Locals / While in Bruges Belgium


Irish Month – Brendan Gleeson Tribute Continues with In Bruges

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Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are two Hitmen taking a respite in Bruges Belgium after a botched hit.  While waiting orders from their Boss, Gleeson takes in the sights of the historic town.

Bruges rhymes with Rouge

Here is the trailer for this great movie.

Irish Month

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You know him in Braveheart, and MadEye Moody in the Harry Potter films, but Brendan Gleeson, one of our favorite Irish Actors, does a fantastic job as:

The General – An Irish Gangster who takes on the Police and the IRA. Based on a true story. Gleeson as Martin Cahillas a Master Thief. While under House Arrest by the Police and surveillance by the IRA, manages to steal priceless paintings from an art museum without being detected.

In Bruges– as Hitman Ken who takes in the sights while in Bruges Belgium waiting his next orders.

I Went Down (Shown Above) – Owing money to a Loan Shark, Gleeson as Bunny goes on a trip with another debtor to collect money on behalf of the Loan Shark.