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Old School Movie Montage

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June is Old School movie month and I found a great montage by jackbenny1924 on youtube. They put together a great montage of all the great old school movie actors including:
Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Muni, George Raft, and George E Stone.

The music is from Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo, Batman soundtracks, etc). This montage features the best of the best of old school and sums it up in one great video. Enjoy.


Prison Month Continues with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

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By popular demand, we present The Great Escape.  Although it stretches the Prison Genre by being a POW film.  It does have a fantastic international cast and one of the best chase scenes ever filmed.

The cast includes James Garner as The Scrounger, Donald Pleasence as The Forger, Charles Bronson as The Tunnel  King who happens to be claustrophobic, James Coburn as The Manufacturer, Richard Attenborough as Big X, and of course Steve McQueen as The Cooler King.

The prison was built by the Germans to house Allied POW’s who notorious for trying to escape.  After individual failures, the POW’s ban together to attempt a mass escape of 250 men.  Everybody pitches in and contributes according to their talents.

Below the is motorcycle chase scene after McQueen escapes.

February is Chicago Movie Month with Running Scared

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Running Scared was a movie filmed in Chicago with Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines as two Chicago Detectives on the trail of a drug dealer played by Jimmy Smits.  Smits is able to smuggle in Cocaine to Chicago through O’Hare Airport by disgusing the cocaine as toy statues.  These statues are brought in by unsuspecting Catholic Nuns & Priests from their trips to & from South America.

The movie is filmed in Chicago and features some of the great landmarks.  In the final scene, Smits has kidnapped Billy Crystal’s Ex-Wife.  Arrangements are made for an exchange at the Thompson Center Building.  There is a great shootout.

In the scene above, Crystal & Hines use an unmarked police car disguised as a taxi.  This car has special features in that it is bullet proof, but the windows don’t roll down.

The chase begins at O’Hare airport, at about 1:50, the scene changes to a street that is actually Oakton Street in Skokie.  There the chase turns onto Skokie Swift tracks where they follow the tracks into downtown Chicago. Various footage scenes later, Smits & his driver escape right before their limo is overturned by an L-Train.

Running Scared also features Joey Pantoliano, as a low level criminal who Crystal & Hines use to get information from.  Filmed in the 1980’s, it certainly has an 80’s feel to it.

Crystal & Hines have some really great chemistry together & it shows.

Car Chase Month – The Transporter

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Car Chase Month on Mobflix continues with The Transporter. Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, an Ex-Special Forces Agent who makes a living transporting things (No Questions Asked).

Mr. Martin has rules though. Rule #1, never change the deal once it is made. He is very exacting in terms of the amount fuel he needs to complete a job. Any factor that changes that, disrupts his mission. In the first scene, shown above, the robber of a bank contracted with Martin for 3 men. They show up with 4. Nothing moves until this is rectified.

Once the robbers eject the 4th robber, Martin begins the getaway. This chase is fantastic. The stunt driving is spectacular. This movie hits you right between the eyes with the first scene.

Great driving through scenic Europe. This is why The Transporter is one of our Car Chase Movies of the month of December.

Car Chase Month – To Live and Die in LA

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One of our all time favorite films at Mobflix. To Live and Die in LA stars William Petersen (CSI Las Vegas) as a Secret Service Agent after a counterfeiter who killed his partner the day before he was to retire. Willem Dafoe plays the street smart counterfeiter who is also a talented and tormented artist.

In pursuit of a sizable sum of money to be used to make a deal, Petersen and his new partner find out from Petersen’s informant of a courier who is carrying a huge sum of cash. Petersen and his partner go rogue and kidnap the courier to get the cash. Things don’t always go as planned as Petersen is chased throughout LA with men with automatic weapons who seem to come from nowhere.

After some incredible driving that involves going down the highway head-on against on-coming traffic, Petersen and his partner find out that they actually robbed an undercover FBI Agent.

Some critics claim that the car chase scene in this movie is better than the French Connection, in our view, it is very close to one of the best.

In addition to a great car chase, To Live and Die in LA has a great plot and a fantastic soundtrack by Wang Chung. Filmed in the mid 1980’s, it has that 80’s feel to it.