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Chicago Month Continues with The Untouchables

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Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro star in 1987’s The Unouchables.  This movie is about the attempts of Eliot Ness, played by Kevin Costner to take down Al Capone (Robert DeNiro).  This film is about Chicago, and was filmed in Chicago.

The above scene shows Sean Connery as Jimmy Malone telling Ness what exactly needs to be done to take down Capone.

One of the best scenes in the movie is a shotout on a stairway at Union Station in Chicago.  This scene was actually filmed on location at Union Station.  Union Station’s great hall still looks like this today, although more dingier.

De Niro gives a great performance as Al Capone and has a notable scene with his underlings and a baseball bat.  I purposely did not post the baseball bat scene as I want you to see the entire movie for yourself.  When you watch this movie, you need to keep in mind that Capone was eventually taken down, by the IRS for tax evasion.  Capone became a guest of the Federal Penitentiary System at the island resort of Alcatraz.

Filmed in Chicago, and about Chicago with an all star cast, The Untouchables makes our list for Chicago Month.


Chicago Month Continues with St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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Filmed in 1967 this docu-drama stars Jason Robards as Al Capone.  The film goes into to great detail the events leading up to and including the killing of Bugs Morans men 80 years ago today on Feb 14, 1929.  The film gives time lines and introduces characters with on screen titles.

Think of it as Tora! Tora! Tora! for Mobsters.

On February 14th, Al Capone’s men dressed as Police Officers came to a North side Chicago Garage to murder Bugs Moran who controlled the north side liquor / beer distribution.  Capone and Bugs were rivals and Capone made his move to take over.  Conveniently, at the time, Capone was in Florida vacationing.

Machine Gun Jack McGurn was tasked with carrying out the hit.  Jack and his gang arrived at the garage of the SMC Cartage Company on 2122 North Clark Street in Lincoln Park on the North Side of Chicago disguised as Police Officers where Bugs Moran was supposedly seen entering.   They lined up the men in the garage and mowed them down.  The movie depicts as accurately as possible the hit including how the men fell as they were shot.

Up until this point, Capone was seen as a Prohibition Robin Hood.  After the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre came the crackdown on organized crime by the Feds & local authorities throughout the country.  The glory days of 1920’s gangsters ended.

The 7 victims of the massacre were:

  • Frank Gusenberg, the brother of Peter Gusenberg and also an enforcer. Frank was miraculously still alive when police first arrived on the scene. He died three hours later, saying only, “Nobody shot me.”
  • Adam Heyer, the bookkeeper and business manager of the Moran gang.
  • Reinhart Schwimmer, an optician who had abandoned his practice to gamble on horse racing (unsuccessfully) and associate with the Moran gang. He would, in contemporary parlance, be referred to as a “gang groupie“. Though Schwimmer called himself an “optometrist” he was actually an optician (an eyeglass fitter) and he had no medical training.
  • Albert Weinshank, who managed several cleaning and dyeing operations for Moran. His physical and even clothing resemblance to Moran is what allegedly set the massacre in motion before Moran actually arrived.
  • John May, an occasional car mechanic for the Moran gang, though not a gang member himself. May had two earlier arrests for safeblowing (no convictions) but was attempting to work legally. However, his desperate need of cash, with a wife and seven children, caused him to accept jobs with the Moran gang as a mechanic.

(Source: Wikipedia contributors, “Saint Valentine’s Day massacre,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed February 13, 2009)).

Eventually, Capone served time in Alcatraz for tax evasion.  The IRS got him while he constantly evaded the FBI.  Capone was never charged with the massacre.  Bugs Moran survived too, but was marginalized over time.

Chicago Month Continues with Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition

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This movie has it all, a fantastic cast with a great story.  Tom Hanks play Mike Sullivan, a respected and ruthless Hitman for the Irish mob in Chicago during the depression.  The head of the gang is Paul Newman who treats Hanks like a son.  Daniel Craig plays Newman’s son who is jealous of Hanks and sets him up.  Craig double-crosses Hanks and kills his family.  One of Sullivan’s Sons survives.  The story is about how Sullivan avenges his family as well as protects his only son.

The scene above is the double-cross scene.  Craig sends Hanks on an errand where the errand is actually a hit on Hanks.  Hanks shows his ruthlessness and reaction speed to evade the hit.

Filmed in Chicago, with a great story and fantastic acting, Road to Perdition is one of my favorite Chicago movies.

Chicago Month Continues with Steven Seagal in Above the Law (Language)

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Filmed in 1988, Seagal plays Nico, a Chicago Detective who was a former Special Forces Operative in Vietnam.  During his time in Vietnam, he encountered a CIA interrogator named Zagon, played by Henry Silva.  Zagon is a very bad guy who prefers to torture his subjects with chemical substances.

Not only is Nico a Chicago Cop, but he also has a brother in the Mob.

Nico gets caught in a mob war where some of the players have the backing of the Federal Gov’t.  Nico takes it upon mislef to dismantle the organization piece by piece.

Filmed in Chicago with great fight scenes, shootouts and car chases.  Above the Law is one of our features for Chicago Movie Month.

February is Chicago Movie Month with Running Scared

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Running Scared was a movie filmed in Chicago with Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines as two Chicago Detectives on the trail of a drug dealer played by Jimmy Smits.  Smits is able to smuggle in Cocaine to Chicago through O’Hare Airport by disgusing the cocaine as toy statues.  These statues are brought in by unsuspecting Catholic Nuns & Priests from their trips to & from South America.

The movie is filmed in Chicago and features some of the great landmarks.  In the final scene, Smits has kidnapped Billy Crystal’s Ex-Wife.  Arrangements are made for an exchange at the Thompson Center Building.  There is a great shootout.

In the scene above, Crystal & Hines use an unmarked police car disguised as a taxi.  This car has special features in that it is bullet proof, but the windows don’t roll down.

The chase begins at O’Hare airport, at about 1:50, the scene changes to a street that is actually Oakton Street in Skokie.  There the chase turns onto Skokie Swift tracks where they follow the tracks into downtown Chicago. Various footage scenes later, Smits & his driver escape right before their limo is overturned by an L-Train.

Running Scared also features Joey Pantoliano, as a low level criminal who Crystal & Hines use to get information from.  Filmed in the 1980’s, it certainly has an 80’s feel to it.

Crystal & Hines have some really great chemistry together & it shows.