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Prison Movie Month finale with Shawshank Redemption

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Written by Stephen King, Shawshank Redemption is not only a great prison movie, but it also examines friendship an dsurvival in a extreme environment.  Starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, and one of our favorite actors, Clancy Brown who makes an encore appearance for Prison Movie Month.

In this movie, Steven King shows what an incredible story teller he is with the story of Andy Dufresne who sentenced to 2 life terms in prison for murders he was framed.  While in prison, he befriends Ellis Boyd ‘Red” Redding (Freeman) who narrates for us Andy’s story.

Andy gets the best of the Warden in the end.  James Whitmore plays a great role in this movie as well.

Shawshank Redemption, our final movie for Prison Movie Month.


Prison Month Continues with Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard

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This time we go old school with the original 1974 movie, The Longest Yard, starring Burt Reynolds as an NFL QB who gets busted in a car chase and has to do prison time.  While in Prison, Reynolds is asked to put together a football team of prisoners to take on the prison guard team.

Below is a kickass compilation video set to the tune “Click Click Boom” by Saliva.  This video was created by

Eddie Albert plays the Warden and Richard Kiel (Jaws in James Bond) is Samson.

Although Adam Sandler did a nice remake and paid homage to Burt Reynolds in the original, there’s nothing like the first time around.

The Longest Yard is one of our favorite Prison Movies and wackitobacki does a great job putting it together with just the right music.

Prison Month Continues with Sean Penn in Bad Boys

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Bad Boys (1983) features Sean Penn as Mick O’Brien who gets busted for a robbery gone bad where the little brother of his rival is killed.  Esai Morales plays Paco Moreno, the leader of a rival gang who vows to take his revenge on Sean Penn’s character by raping Penn’s girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) for starters.

Penn gets sent to a juvenile detention center, and Morales gets caught aand sent to the same location.  Now that they are both in the same detention center, a showdown is in the works.

Clancy Brown plays Viking Lofgren. You’l recognize Clancy as the prison guard in Shawshank Redemption.  Bad Boys is the first prison movie for Clancy in a long prison / criminal movie career.  In the scene below, Eric Gurry plays Horowitz who takes his revenge of being picked on by Lofgren during lunch.

The climax of this movie is not to be missed when O’Brien and Moreno fight it out in the prison block.

Prison Month Continues with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

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By popular demand, we present The Great Escape.  Although it stretches the Prison Genre by being a POW film.  It does have a fantastic international cast and one of the best chase scenes ever filmed.

The cast includes James Garner as The Scrounger, Donald Pleasence as The Forger, Charles Bronson as The Tunnel  King who happens to be claustrophobic, James Coburn as The Manufacturer, Richard Attenborough as Big X, and of course Steve McQueen as The Cooler King.

The prison was built by the Germans to house Allied POW’s who notorious for trying to escape.  After individual failures, the POW’s ban together to attempt a mass escape of 250 men.  Everybody pitches in and contributes according to their talents.

Below the is motorcycle chase scene after McQueen escapes.

Prison Month Continues with Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones

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One of the best prison movies ever.  This movie combines race, prison life, freedom and friendship that crosses cultural boundaries and norms in America before the Civil Rights Act was passed.

Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier are chained together and escape after a prison bus accident.  Curtis and Poitier learn to depend and eventually trust each other while they are chained together during their escape.

This is one of the best movies ever made.

Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood

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Starring Clint Eastwood and based on a true story, this movie is about the only escape from Alcatraz by 3 convicts.

Their bodies were never found, and no trace of them on the mainland.  No one really knows if they made it or not.  If they did make it, they’d be in their 80’s by now.

(NSFW) Prison Month Continues – Linda Blair in Chained Heat

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Chained Heat (1983) Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Henry Silva, and John Vernon (Dean Wormer from Animal House) lead the cast which has Linda Blair making our head spin by going to prison for an accidental murder.  This film has everything a prison film buff could want including prison riots, fights, torture and of course sex.

This quote from http://www. says it best

“The prison turns out to be brimming with decadence, corruption and sleaze, where the other female inmates are sadistic crack-selling lesbian rapists and the guards and warden are no better. Racial tensions are high as the inmates is divided into two factions, blacks and whites, who must either join together against the management or kill each other trying. A sleazy blend of sexploitation and blaxploitation make this movie a real winner.”

I can’t say it any better myself