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Whack Month Continues with Scenes from The Godfather

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We can’t have Whack Month without our favorite hits from The Godfather.

We begin with Sonny Corleone.  One of the most most famous hit scenes ever.  I remember going to the custom car shows as a kid at McCormick Place in Chicago and seeing the the shot up car from this scene.

James Caan plays Sonny Corleone who takes over leadership of the organization when his father, Vito Corleone was wounded in a botched hit.  Gianni Russo plays Carlo, Sonny’s brother-in-law who is married to Connie played by Talia Shire.  Carlo smacks around Connie, prompting Sonny to blow his top & come over to help Connie.

On his way to help Connie, Sonny has trouble paying a toll.

Carlo had beat up Connie to set Sonny up for the hit.

Michael Pays Back Carlo

In this scene, Michael exacts payback on Carlo for setting up the hit on Sonny.  Carlo takes a permanent trip to Las Vegas.

Clemenza seems to be the one to take care of inside family business.  I always wondered how they got rid of Carlo’s body while driving around in a car with the window kicked out like that.  Clemeza is not flashy in his methods.  He does is quietly.

You Won’t Hear From Paulie No More

Clemenza also takes care of Paulie who called in sick with the Blue Flu the day Don Vito was shot.  It is apparent to the family that Paulie is a traitor.

Clemenza takes care of the Paulie problem.

I’ve written a haiku poem about this scene.

Godfather Haiku – The hit on Paulie / Leave gun, take cannoli / Loyal Clemenza

Luca Brasi Takes A Nap

In this scene we see our favorite hitman / specialist falls asleep with the fishes.  We never get to see Luca Brasi in action, but that just adds to his aura.  Luca Brasi has to be one of the most menacing and intimidating characters to ever appear on the screen.


I can’t imagine how scary it would be to be to see Luca Brasi walking through the door.  Consider yourself lucky if you come away with your life and all your body parts intact.

Restaurant Hit

In this scene, Michael Corleone evens the score on the mobster who attempted to kill his father.  Not only does he kill Sollozzo, but McClusky, the corrupt Police Captain who broke Michael’s jaw when Michael stopped them from coming into the hospital to finish off his father.

Once Michael crosses this line, there is no turning back.  Michael goes from WWII War Hero to Jr. Mafia Don.  After the hit, Michael disappears and hides out in Italy.

All Debts Are Settled

Finally we feature the Baptism scene.  In this montage, Michael asserts his influence and power by having his enemies dispatched the day he becomes a Godfather to Connie & Carlo’s baby.

Barzini and the heads of the other familes incur Michael’s wrath.