Mobflix Haikus

Godfather Haiku – Horse head in his bed / Johnny Fontane gets movie / Director relents

Godfather Haiku – Luca Brasi sleeps / An offer he can’t refuse / It was Barzini

Godfather Haiku – The hit on Paulie / Leave gun, take cannoli / Loyal Clemenza

Godfather Haiku – Daughter’s wedding day / No request can be refused / Will you be my friend?

Godfather Haiku – Michael thwarts whacking / No one at the hospital / Roughed up war hero

Godfather Haiku – Michael’s broken jaw / Cop and Turk whacked at dinner / Michael on the lam

Godfather Haiku – Debts settled today / Tessio betrays Michael / It was Barzini

Godfather Haiku – All debts are settled / Day of nephew’s baptism / Enemies silenced

Godfather Haiku – Michael’s heart turns cold / A ruthless Don he becomes / The new Godfather

Godfather Haiku – Michael finds true love / A marriage in Italy / Widower Michael

Godfather Haiku – Cleans out the bad blood / We go to the mattresses / Clemenza cooks sauce

Godfather Haiku – Whacked in a parked car / Carlo must pay for Sonny / Connie is widowed

Godfather II Haiku – Fredo runs the joint / Entrap Senator Geary / Hooker dead on bed

Godfather II Haiku – Hyman Roth business / Johnny Ola calls / Got the wrong number

Godfather II Haiku – Nevada fishing / Fredo says his Hail Mary’s / Fredo casts his fate

Godfather II Haiku – I knew it was you / Fredo betrays his brother / Michael’s heart broken

Godfather II Haiku – Business in Cuba / We’re bigger than U.S. Steel / Castro makes his move

Godfather II Haiku – A lot of buffers / Testify before Congress / Chi Chi gives it up

Pulp Fiction Haiku – Zed is dead, baby / Get Medieval on your ass / What happened to Zed?

Pulp Fiction Haiku – Execution looms / That is a tasty burger / Jules quotes the bible

Casino Haiku – Nicky goes too far / The Bosses have had enough / Buried with the corn

Casino Haiku – Bulging eyes pop out / Tony Doggs’ head in a vice / This for Charlie M?

Casino Haiku – Another marker /  Don Rickles Beaten with phone / Nicky places bet

Goodfellas Haiku – Biggest New York Heist / Maury never gets a dime / The Lufthansa job

Goodfellas Haiku – Made man disappears / Go home and get your shine box / Billy Batts gets whacked

Goodfellas Haiku – Whacked in a pink car / Carbone thawed for autopsy / Jimmy keeps money

Scarface Haiku – Cocaine on his desk / My little friend says hello / Face down in fountain

Scarface Haiku – Cigar bubble bath / Look at that pelican fly / Come on pelican!

Scarface Haiku – A drug deal gone bad / Chainsawed limbs in the bathroom / Tony gets revenge

Scarface Haiku – Omar and Tony / Pushed from a helicopter / Sosa whacks Omar

Scarface Haiku – Frank & Mel are dead / Car dealership backroom hit / Tony gets Frank’s girl

Scarface Haiku – You can’t shoot a cop / Mel’s first class ticket to hell / Who says your a cop?

Scarface Haiku – Hit at the nightclub / Don’t get high on own supply / Tony takes over

Miller’s Crossing Haiku – Do the boss’s girl? / Murder her weasel brother? / Tom, look in your heart! (Courtesy of

Godfather Haiku – On this the day of / my daughter’s wedding, leave gun / take the canoli (Courtesy of

Crank Haiku – Poisoned while asleep / Find killer before he dies / Shootout on the roof

Beverly Hills Cop Haiku – Cops on night stake out / Banana in the tailpipe / Fell for it again

Sopranos Haiku – Managing his crew / New Jersey is his domain / Tony Soprano

The Sting Haiku – Mob Boss double-cross / Paul Newman, Robert Redford / Con-Men play the game


2 Responses to “Mobflix Haikus”

  1. marissa_alex Says:

    i love, love, love these!

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