The Lufthansa Job – 5 Arrests after 35 yrs

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5 Arrests in 35yr Old Goodfellas Case


5 Arrests have been made in the Lufthansa job after 35 yrs.  This is the heist that was referenced in Goodfellas resulting in the deaths of most of the participants.

In the movie, Di Nero plays Jimmy Conway (Jimmy The Gent Burke in real life), who executes the biggest heist in US history.  Expecting to score $2 million, the haul is actually $6 million.

Rather than pay out the shares, Jimmy decides to whack most of the participants.

Here is the Wikipedia for Jimmy Burke:

Real Life Jimmy The Gent Burke – Lufthansa Mastermind

Here are those murdered after the Lufthansa Heist.  These murders follow closely the deaths in the movie:

Lufthansa Hit List





Our Tribute to James Gandolfini – The Mexican

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Our Tribute to james Gandolfini begins with the Mexican.

Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt) can’t catch a break. On one side, his mobster boss (Bob Balaban) demands that he travel to Mexico to retrieve a cursed antique gun, or suffer the consequences. On the other side, his girlfriend, Samantha (Julia Roberts), has given him an ultimatum to give up his criminal ways once and for all. Believing that he can only make things right with Samantha if he is alive, Jerry chooses to go after the gun. Finding the cursed piece of metal is easy, but getting it back across the border proves difficult, especially when Samantha is taken hostage by a gay hitman (James Gandolfini).

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Strong Language – Clancy Brown’s Best Lines: Shawshank Redemption in 23 Seconds

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Nothing says the holidays like a swearing Prison Guard Captain.

As our Clancy Brown festival continues, we present Clancy Brown as Captain Hadley reduced to 23 seconds of brilliance.

Nothing says the holidays like a swearing Prison Guard Captain.

Original Clancy Brown Content from – Finding NEO

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What happens when you combine Finding Nemo with the Matrix and throwing in Captain Hadley from Shawshank for good measure?

You get Finding NEO.


Click Link:  Finding NEO


Teo, the founder of was an actor on Starship Troopers with Clancy. They became fast friends and Clancy agreed to do some work with TEO.

Teo is the founder of which provides state of the art, cutting edge urban indie content.

Mobflix is proud to present Finding Neo

Captain Hadley Cold Beer Rooftop Scene in Shawshank Redemption

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Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) talks Captain Hadley (Clancy Brown) into a few beers for his rooftop prison crew.

A brilliant scene

Clancy Brown Haikus

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We’ll start off our celebration of Clancy Brown with Clancy Brown Haiku’s.

Clancy Brown Highlander Haiku :

Immortal Swordsman / Takes the head of his rival / Highlander badass

Clancy Brown Shawshank Redemption Haiku:

Prison Guard Captain / Arrested for Malfeasance / Cried like a baby

Clancy Brown Bad Boys Haiku:

Booby-Trapped Boom Box / Ain’t Prison Karma a Bitch? / Bad Boys with Sean Penn

Clancy Brown Cowboys vs. Aliens Haiku:

God fearing Preacher / Cowboys vs. Aliens / Plays a rare hero

Clancy Brown Haiku:

From Prison Inmate / And everything in between / To a Prison Guard






Clancy Brown in Bad Boys – Exploding Boom Box

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Bad Boys (1983) stars Sean Penn in Juvie Hall. Clancy Brown plays Viking Lofgren the resident inmate bully.

Horowitz, the brain finally gets even with Viking by rigging a boom box to explode to maim Viking.

This is one of Clancy Brown’s earliest scenes and you can see the trajectory of his career from his brilliant performance in this movie