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Whack Month Continues with Casino

Posted in Casino, Whack Scenes with tags , , , , on March 24, 2009 by mobflix

Is it me, or is does Joe Pesci and Frank Vincent always seem to be involved with the best whack scenes.  Either Pesci whacks Vincent (Goodfellas), or Vincent whacks Pesci.

Today we feature one of the best scenes ever filmed.  Why is it so good?  Because it is based on a true story of Tony Spilotro.  Tony was sent to Las Vegas starting  in the 1970’s to protect the Chicago Casino interests and insure money was flowing back to the bosses from their “Investment.”

Tony’s activities got out of hand over time and the order was given.  The Movie Casino is loosely based on this.  But I remember when the bodies of the Spilotro brothers were found in an Indiana cornfield not too far from Chicago.

One of the things that gets me is how real this scene feels.

My brother lives in Las Vegas and knows many people who were around from back then.  My brother told me that Tony Spilotro was one of the nicest people in the world as long as you didn’t owe him money.  Even if you owed him a nickel, he’d be after you and on you until you paid up & it could get very ugly very fast.


March is Whack Month at Mobflix with Billy Batts in Goodfellas

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In Chicago, this time of year, everyone has cabin fever.  We’ve had frigid weather since before Thanksgiving and you are stuck inside after work (if you are working at all).   We tend to go a little crazy itching for the weather to change.

It is with this mood that we bring you Whack Month at mobflix.

Frank Vincent (Billy Batts) and Joe Pesci (Tommy) have an altercation that doesn’t end so well for Billy Batts.  Billy, a made man, comes home from prison after 6 years and insult Tommy.  Tommy used to be a shoe shine boy, and Billy wont let him live it down.  Tommy reacts by whacking Billy.  One of the best whack scenes ever filmed.