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Hip-Hop / Street Gang Movie Review – New Jack City

Posted in Movies with tags , , on November 28, 2008 by mobflix

New Jack City stars Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles, Chris Rock, Ice-T, and Judd Nelson. Snipes plays ruthless crack kingpin Nino Brown who is on the rise. Ice-T and Judd Nelson play plainclothes detectives out to stop him.

Snipes will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He runs a tight operation out of a secure building where his employees work naked in order to prevent them from stealing from him.

Chris Rock play Pookie, a Crack addict that agrees to infiltrate Nino’s stronghold with disastrous results. All the while, Ice-T and Nelson fight each other while trying to take down Nino. Rock gives a fantastic performance and Snipes does a great job as a gangster.

Released in 1991, this film shows the devastation Crack has wrought on the inner city.

We give New Jack City 4 stars out of 5