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In Honor of the 4th of July, we present to Chuck Norris Month

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July is Chuck Norris Month at We will profile some of his best work. Chuck Norris kicks American Ass. There’s only one who beat Chuck Norris, and that was Bruce Lee.


Jabba the Hutt vs. Vito Corleone vs. Tony Montana

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Jabba The Hutt

I still think that Don Vito Corleone ranks as the best film Godfather, but Jabba the Hutt ranks a very close 2nd. That’s right, Jabba the Hutt, notorious space gangster. Here is why you could make a great case for Jabba as the ultimate mafia Don.

Feeds his own minions to monsters

Has his own tonight show style band

Hangs frozen Han Solo on a wall as a work of art

Not susceptible to Jedi mind tricks

Has a cool palace

Has a really cool desert ship

Sponsors POD races (Star Wars version of NASCAR)

Has really cool Bounty Hunters / Hit Men in his employ

A very successful businessman

And best of all, makes Princess Leia dress up in a hot bikini slave outfit.