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April is Prison Movie Month with Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke

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One of the best prison movies ever.  Paul Newman plays Luke who while drunk gets busted for cutting off parking meters with a pipe cutter to get change for a soda.

So begins his adventure on a Chain Gang in the rural south.

One of the most famous movies lines that has been parodied to the end of time is from this movie.  Luke refuses to break or conform and is constantly getting beaten and thrown into the cooler.  The Warden gives the line “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

George Kennedy won an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in this movie.

The egg eating scene is classic where Luke eats 50 hard-boiled eggs.

Hands down one of the best prison movies ever made.  If you have not seen Cool Hand Luke it is a must see.


Chicago Month Continues with Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition

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This movie has it all, a fantastic cast with a great story.  Tom Hanks play Mike Sullivan, a respected and ruthless Hitman for the Irish mob in Chicago during the depression.  The head of the gang is Paul Newman who treats Hanks like a son.  Daniel Craig plays Newman’s son who is jealous of Hanks and sets him up.  Craig double-crosses Hanks and kills his family.  One of Sullivan’s Sons survives.  The story is about how Sullivan avenges his family as well as protects his only son.

The scene above is the double-cross scene.  Craig sends Hanks on an errand where the errand is actually a hit on Hanks.  Hanks shows his ruthlessness and reaction speed to evade the hit.

Filmed in Chicago, with a great story and fantastic acting, Road to Perdition is one of my favorite Chicago movies.

Movie of the Week In Honor of Paul Newman – We bring you The Sting

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What if they made “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” for Mobsters starring the same two actors in the lead roles?  You’d get a movie about two Con-Artists trying the ultimate scheme to defraud an Irish Mob-Boss in Chicago who puts a hit on a local con man.  The Con (Robert Redford) seeks out a seasoned Con Artist (Paul Newman) to help seek revenge on the Mob Boss by coming up with elaborate scheme to fleece the Mobster of some major coin.

The trick of course is to do it without getting caught and to getaway clean.

When I was a kid, this movie was huge and helped along by a vintage soundtrack which included “The Entertainer,” originally composed by Scott Joplin and scored by Marvin Hamlisch.  This theme song to “The Sting” became a Top 40 hit.  Pretty amazing for a piano jazz ragtime tune.

We give the The Sting 5 stars out of 5