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Irish Month Continues with In Bruges Haiku

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In Bruges Haiku:

Two Idol Hitmen / Mix with Tourists and Locals / While in Bruges Belgium



Irish Month – Brendan Gleeson Tribute Continues with In Bruges

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Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are two Hitmen taking a respite in Bruges Belgium after a botched hit.  While waiting orders from their Boss, Gleeson takes in the sights of the historic town.

Bruges rhymes with Rouge

Here is the trailer for this great movie.

The Lufthansa Job – 5 Arrests after 35 yrs

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5 Arrests in 35yr Old Goodfellas Case


5 Arrests have been made in the Lufthansa job after 35 yrs.  This is the heist that was referenced in Goodfellas resulting in the deaths of most of the participants.

In the movie, Di Nero plays Jimmy Conway (Jimmy The Gent Burke in real life), who executes the biggest heist in US history.  Expecting to score $2 million, the haul is actually $6 million.

Rather than pay out the shares, Jimmy decides to whack most of the participants.

Here is the Wikipedia for Jimmy Burke:

Real Life Jimmy The Gent Burke – Lufthansa Mastermind

Here are those murdered after the Lufthansa Heist.  These murders follow closely the deaths in the movie:

Lufthansa Hit List




Danny Trejo’s Eyes – The Fandango Sisters

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PunkCinema presents the Fandango Sisters in “Danny Trejo’s Eyes”

A punk tribute to Danny Trejo.

I hope to see more of Punk Cinema and the Fandango Sisters as they are brilliant.


Danny Trejo’s Filmography

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Here’s Danny’s filmography from wikipedia

Here’s the link:  Danny Trejo’s Filmography

Danny Trejo Death Scene Compilation

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Our Danny Trejo Festival continues with over 4 minutes of every Danny Trejo Death Scene filmed in Chronological order.

This compilation was put together by Jukka-Pekka Bohm



White Collar – Financial Crimes

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Everything I’ve ever learned about finance I learned from these movies:

– Wall Street
– Trading Places
– Boiler Room

We start White Collar / Financial Crimes feature with Wall Street.

This movie really highlighted the causes of the market crash in the 1980’s. Leveraged Buyouts, Insider Information, Junk Bonds, Corporate Raiders. In the 80’s everybody was doing it. Only a few people had the foresight not to follow the crowd and get out before the collapse. This movie really gets to the heart of 80’s Wall Street Greed.

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko was exceptional. See the original movie and you’ll know why he won the academy award. Charlie Sheen was perfect as Bud Fox, and Daryl Hannah was hot.