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Hip/Hop-Street Gang Month Movie Review – The Warriors

Posted in Movies with tags , , , on November 3, 2008 by mobflix

The Warriors is about a small street gang in New York who has been framed for a murder they did not commit. This murder has angered the overall leader of all the combined street gangs in the City and has issued an order for their termination.

At the same time, there is a a mass migration of all New York City street gangs to attend a convention. While en route to the convention, the Warriors must avoid the other street gangs as well as traps set by undercover cops.

Several fight scenes are involved which include fights with other Gangs. Each gang the Warriors encounter are based on a different theme. The best one is the baseball themed Baseball Furies street gang who dress up in uniforms with painted faces. Their weapon of choice of course is the baseball bat. The Warriors show the Baseball Furies how to effectively use their bats.

While dodging cops and gangs and trying to clear their name, the Warriors are harassed by a DJ who has inside information for them. This DJ is like Tokyo Rose of Street gangs and sends out coded messages to the Warriors as well as other street gangs as to where the Warriors are which street gangs are out to get them

The best line comes from the leader of a rival street gang who set the Warriors up. “Warriors, come out to play a yay”.